How quickly they turned against Him! One day exalting Him with chants of Hosanna, Hosanna. The Next hurling insults and hatred at Him, as it was written: “He who will destroy the temple and build it in three days.”

Could they have forgotten? Might they not have heard? Were they not there when he fed the 5000? Did they not see the lame man walk? Had they not witnessed Him perform miracle after miracle after miracle! Did they honestly believe that he couldn’t when they said to him: “Save thyself and come down from the cross.”

What could have sparked such a sudden change? What could make them hate this pure vessel so much, a King who thought it not to lowly of himself to give his life for us! It was they that were always there. The leaders of the naysayers, the kings of the hypocrites, the power hungry, money hungry, Pharisees and Sadducees. As it is written: “He saved others but Himself He cannot save.”

Was the wine at the wedding a myth? Or was it not enough of a testimony in itself for the blind to be able to see! If nothing more, they could have asked Lazarus about the magnitude of his power!!