Meet the contributing writers of Phreelance Writers. They are just like you, trying to figure it all out. Comment, please. Or hire them!

Dash is a native of Dorchester who, despite popular belief and lack of an accent, actually grew up in Boston. He left Beantown for the bright lights and big times of Chicago and the University of Chicago. In 2007, he returned to Boston and met Gage through a tutoring job at the West Roxbury Education Complex working with high school students to improve their writing. Dash recently completed a Master’s degree in journalism at Boston University and freelanced for the Bay State Banner and UMass-Boston.

Gage was born in California, lived for a while in Virginia, grew up in Maine, and just completed a BA in Magazine Writing at Emerson College in Boston.  He has worked as a reporter for The Wire, a weekly newspaper in Portsmouth, NH, done freelance writing for a variety of publications including Progression Magazine and the United Nations Environment Programme, and was an Editor-in-Chief for Emerson’s nationally recognized award-winning Gauge Magazine, which is not named after Gage.  He also spent three years tutoring high school students and commiserating with Dash at the writing center in the West Roxbury Education Complex.

Ori Fienberg was born in Iowa, and lived in MS, MA, NH, and OH, before returning to Iowa to earn his MFA in Nonfiction Writing at the University of Iowa. He has published fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in publications such as The Cinncinati Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, [and] Subtropics. Last year he returned to MA as an Americorps VISTA, through which he met Dash and Gage at the West Roxbury Educational Complex Writing Center. To fall asleep each night he closes his eyes and counts Iowans.

Barbara Ohrstrom is a writer, teacher and astrologer who remembers when Reagan got elected. Since that time, the legal and political structures have served the people to an ever lessening degree, and she has plenty of strong opinions about these various changes. Nevertheless, she is not a cynic and believes that the actions of each of us can and do make a constructive difference each and every minute. And, she loves to write for the Phreelancer guys!

Nick sprang forth in the suburban-rural Midwest lands of Indiana and studied at Ball State University. Then he headed east to Boston. He spent his time there earning a master’s from Emerson College, hacking with Westie kids alongside Dash and Gage, and kicking it with the Harvard taekwondo team. Like so many before him, he’s gone West seeking new fortunes and adventures. He works as an editorial intern at Outside Magazine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, writing, fact checking, and interviewing strange folk. When not stuck inside Outside, he’s venturing into the mountains and canyons, accumulating flat bicycle tires.

Adam “Walada” Walker hails from the beautiful country side of central PA, Williamsport to be exact, where the beauty of the Appalachian mountain range, and the Little League World Series set the stage as wonderful place grow up. His love of words and poetry started at an early age and grew from humble beginnings in his father’s church, writing and reciting poems by his favorite poets. In 2009, he moved to Boston to study at the Boston Architectural College. He met Dash while attending a church service and would later become head of the poetry division of the Sacred Arts Ministry at Charles St. AME Church, an act that strengthened his love of poetry in all forms. He strives to allow his love for the creative arts to be expressed in everything he does, and when all else fails, let loose the gangsta within and intimidate people to give into his demands!

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