Being a journalist/writer is a funny thing. All the world is your inspiration so long as you’re willing to get up and go explore it. This is funny because most journalists/writers we know tend to sit around and let the world come to them… Be that as it may, this blog is our attempt at using the world as our inspiration.

We call ourselves “freelance writers.” This is code in the world of journalism for unemployed. It’s not that we aren’t trying to find jobs, we are, it’s just no one responds to our inquiring emails. More on that later…

This  first post, and the blog itself, is to let people know we’re out here and we’re writing, whether you’re paying us or not. Stop by and take a peek into the lives of writers looking for that first gig, that “foot-in-the-door” job that sends us on our way to fame and fortune as rockstar writers and journalists…

Or at least a job that allows us to pay back our student loans, that’d be cool too.

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