Scene: Desert Utah sunset. Wind. Dust. Wanderers. Kindred spirits. The wide-open unknown.
Instrument: Lap slide guitar

I’ll see you in the morning when the sun is on the rise
I hope by then the wind is gonna tell us where to blow and where to abide
Got to forget our past,
Dig up old roots at last, and move on light

We are kindred
Our minds are bound to wander, but our souls, they’ll come on home
So if you go, my friend, I’ll give you all the lovin’ that my heart can hold
But I should tell you
Oh Lord, it just won’t do for our love go cold

On our journey
May it never be a burden to reside inside this love
But I’m still learning, so tell me when I’m squeezing too hard or not half enough
And we’ll keep movin’ on
And hail that breaking dawn when the old day’s done