Yes indeed, dear readers, Phreelance Writers is back! As promised, fresh, new content has been delivered and we hope that you are rejoicing, like we are. Despite the span of miles between us, Gage and I, with the help of our friends, managed to put together a solid week. We’re quite proud. If you missed it, it’s cool. We’ve got your weekly rundown, just the way you like it!

On Monday, Gage got us started with a return to Tiger Fist. This is quickly becoming our new catch phrase, motto and mantra. It’s hard to argue with such phenomenal results. I dare say it may even become our new Tao. Tiger Fist, a way of life.

On Tuesday, Dash complained in the form of a question. It’s something he has to ask himself from time to time. We appreciate the feedback in the comment section. Once again, readers, you prove that you are all smarter than us. But we knew this already!

Wednesday is our guest contributor day and Adam Walker stepped in and hit it out of the park. We’re in the process of adding his bio to our Writers page and we’re looking forward to more poetic contributions from him. It’s great stuff.

Dash posted on Thursday about a recent diagnosis and how that condition effects him. While he remains in good spirits, we suspect his illness to be terminal. He’ll keep you posted as things progress. We’re all pulling for him.

On Friday, Gage gave us an update on his new gig and larger plans. The guys is always scheming and it’s a good thing. There is a growing number of us who believe Gage is directly involved in shadow ops. Like he’s a secret agent, the Jack Bauer of job searching.

We’ve begun to use Saturdays as a creative space on Phreelance Writers and Ori Fienberg did an admirable job of showcasing his talent this week. We’ve said it before and it remains true. Our love of writing extends beyond the journalistic. Ori’s work shows how diverse and great writing can be.

There you have it, folks, our first week back from extended absence. We’re feeling good and looking to keep the momentum going. Stay with us.