It’s been a pretty crazy two weeks.

Starting a new job, getting used to new people and responsibilities—it takes its toll.  I’m still getting used to the hours (I’m thankful for them!) and the new office.  Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work.  My co-workers say that will fade after the first few weeks.

A lot of it I’m thankful for.  The people here are beyond helpful.  There are microwaves.  Don’t even get me started on the foosball.

All sarcasm aside, it truly is a rewarding place to be, working for a human rights / healthcare NGO.  It’s a job that fits with my moral character and values–even my skillset!  But what I really want is to work in the communications department.

It’s a strange feeling; now that I’m here, I feel like I still have a lot left to do.  I used to think that once I made it to the company I wanted to work for, I could sit back and relax.  Not true.  I have my sights set on the offices across the hall.

I wonder if it deserves a new tiger fist sort of plan.  Maybe a slightly more subtle one… a sort of “Fox Paw,” if you will.  Silent, sophisticated, but still deadly.  I’ve been wondering how to go about it, given the 3-4 months I have at my current position.  Every morning I walk by a huge whiteboard that has the list of open positions at the company.  I’ve considered writing my name in huge red dry-erase letters next to the one I want, but it just seems a bit tactless. More like a water buffalo than a fox.

My current plan—hatched in the wee hours of morning, after a particularly vivid work dream—is to give myself at least a month and a half to get used to the current job environment.  Then, having proven myself indispensable, I’ll make my boss start saying things like “what will we do without you?” and, “we’re going to work to get you on permanently.”  Nice things like that.  All the while, I’ll be making friends with the communications team, lending my skills for an article or two, or my defensive skills for a foosball game or two.  Then, four months from now, I’ll get offered the chance to stay on with my current team, and I’ll respectfully decline, counter offer, and preen my beautiful orange fur.