I came to a realization while at work the other day. I hate my job. The epiphany hit me while I placed price tags on sale items. It made me want to scream, cry and laugh all at the same time. The amalgamation of emotions manifested itself as a manic smile that lasted for ten minutes. I may have frightened some customers.

Maybe you’ve felt something similar. It starts with a general distaste for being at a job. Nothing outrageous, just sort of like a sudden fatigue whenever you have to be there. It passes once you leave. Later, it upgrades to a definite dislike. Now, it’s hard to stay focused while at work, maybe you take one or two more bathroom breaks than you really need. Keep ignoring it and it turns into a full-blown case of hate complete with all the symptoms; showing up late, thinking of reasons to not show up at all, sobbing uncontrollably in your car before going into work.

Okay, maybe the last one is just me…

I’ve been through this before. It usually builds up over the span of several months until I take a vacation, which relieves the pressure. The cycle then restarts until the pressure boils over and I decide that I no longer want to work at that particular job. However, this time was different. I’ve never had the build up reach max pressure so quickly.

When this happens, a countdown begins. It’s the official countdown until I quit my job because I can’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, the countdown is an undetermined length of time. It could be a short as a three days or as long as three months. I never know. Kind of makes it a most dangerous game! But I’m being cavalier about the whole situation.

I have to use the countdown to find a new job. There is an inherent pressure because I don’t know how long I have to change my situation. Working the countdown requires quick, decisive action and speed. There are many steps and they all need to be taken care of all while I work at a job I detest.

Okay, let me stop bitching. I have work to do and the countdown never stops.