Caught in the Depths of a One-Sided Love;

Lost in confusion, holding on to dreams;

Fighting for some hope, that this could finally be;

The true Love you’ve been waiting for, hearts to blind to see;

Hanging on their every word, daydreaming about every kiss;

Hoping that they Love you back, hypnotized by the mist;

Of sweet smelling fragrances that they wear, puppet master they hold the strings;

To your heart, this is obscene;

Drawn in closer by their laughter, drunk with Love the morning after;

Taken by their sweetest smile, wrapped up in their wondrous style;

Heart so open, what is this;

So in love, forgot the risk;

Of a broken heart, too crushed to mend;

But it’s too late, you’re so far in;

They don’t care, it’s just a game;

They play they hand that they are dealt;

They feel no Love, it’s just the same;

As relationships of their past, in spite of what you may have felt;

The game is over, they had fun while it lasted;

You’re all in, and they’re so far past it;

Now you’re in and out their revolving door;

The two of you are no more;

Your heart is shattered, soul is wounded;

No healing cast could ever mend it;

Now your hurt, nowhere to turn;

Suicidal, heart does burn;

Longing just for one more touch;

Can’t let go you Love too much;

Clinging to a memory;

Of what you thought just might be;

When caught up in The Depths of a One-Sided Love.

Adam “Walada” Walker is a poet and architect-in-training. He is the newest guest contributor on Phreelance Writers. Stay tuned for more of his stuff.