Dear Readers,

On behalf of Gage and all the contributing writers here at Phreelance Writers, I want to apologize. There have been some… gaps in updates recently, and we feel you deserve an explanation. The simple reason is that life interrupted our ability to update as often as we normally do. I was moving across the country and Gage was in mourning due to my departure. In light of these events, it makes sense that we fell short in our blogging duties.

However, there is more to it than that.

Writing is one of those pursuits that is exciting and terrifying, thrilling and scary, energizing and exhausting, simultaneously the easiest thing to do and the most difficult task. We must confess that there was a bit of fatigue involved. When we began the blog, it was fun and fresh to use our skills in such a creative outlet. As Gage put it, “We’re writing to shake the rust off and stay sharp.” Indeed, we were, but as with anything creative, it had to change as the situations in our lives changed. Suddenly, it was not just about complaining that hiring managers never called us back (they still don’t), it was about us, as writers, using the blog to expand our reach and share our ideas.

I think when we realized that, we got a little scared. It happens when you meet new people who have read your blog. It’s a little weird.

But we’re back now. That is to say, we feel we’ve taken enough time off to recharge and regroup. Starting in April, we’ll be back with regular updates. We’re aiming to update every day, but we recognize that daily updates might not be possible. Bare with us, we’ll figure out a system that works. Again, thank you for your support. We’ll do our best to not abuse it.