A few days ago, my dad asked me if I had any resolutions for the New Year.  I said something cheeky like, “Nah, I’m just gonna let it ride,” but after further reflection, I was wrong.  I do have one.

Before January first of next year, I will have a different job, or so help me; I will impale my face on the nearest pen.  I’ll explain.

Our supervisor Barbara always talks about how people need to respect their employees.  Barbara is a great boss—the best I’ve ever had and probably the best I’ll ever have—but the people who get to make the big picture decisions, like how many windows our classroom has (none) or how many benefits we get (none—oh, and the Northeastern ID cards we got don’t let us check out library books or get into the gym.  We still haven’t figured out what they actually do) or how we get paid (barely enough to survive in Boston), well, I don’t feel they respect us.

I’m tired of explaining my work situation to people I meet.  I tell them I work at Northeastern University teaching writing, and their eyes light up and they say a sentence that includes the word “faculty” and I have to disappoint them.  The more I explain my situation, the more dissatisfied I become.  My 2010 job situation was OK.  I worked for people who didn’t respect me, but I got to do some great work with some really great students.  I learned a ton from my boss.  I got to work with some great guys.  I’ve learned that I can be a pretty good teacher, but I still think I can be a better writer than teacher.

2011 is job application year on steroids.  I will literally make every single publication imaginable aware of my existence.  I will swallow my pride, digest it, and eject it into the latrine so I can make use of the handfuls of contacts I’ve made in 2010.  At this point, I don’t even care if someone else gets me the job.  I’ll send them flowers every month.

Readers, I encourage you to hold me accountable for this promise.  If 2012 rolls around and I’m still stagnating in this job, please mail me a box of Bic ballpoints so I can salvage my honor.