I wrote this while sitting in an airport terminal, waiting to board a plane that will take me the next step of my life. Forgive me for the melodrama, but the weight of it all just hit me. It’s been several months, five to be exact, since I began my hunt for a job in Texas so that I could move there comfortably. I look back over my writing from then until now and I marvel at the range and variety of my emotions. Indulge me if you will:

Can’t find job, might lose girlfriend – I remember feeling a mix of frustration and amusement with my predicament. I had three jobs in TX that I was applying for and felt good about. The frustration came from not hearing anything from any of the gigs for several weeks. The amusement came from my girlfriend needling me about when I would be arriving (I think, at the time, I had promised I’d be in TX within the month). None of those jobs hired me.

Writer Wanted? – This was like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It was great to suddenly be wanted by people who were actively looking to hire and seemed to like me. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a mirage. It was like eating sand when I received an email from them two months later saying they had filled the position from within and wished me luck in my job search.

Job Offers – I recall feeling daunted when I wrote the first part of this series. A job offer meant moving, meant changing my life, meant starting new. In part II, I was excited at the prospect of using my skills as a writers to to make money. This job validated all the time and effort I spent learning how to write and practicing it to become better. Unfortunately, the nature of freelance gigs is that you never know how long they will last. This one, while putting some money in my pocket, ended before I could move to Texas.

But here I am now, new job opportunity looming, ticket in hand. Here I go.