The last week and half has been… interesting. Usually, Gage and I like to pat ourselves on the back and fist-bump each other (with an explosion) as we look back on a solid week of posts. Well, the reality is that we’ve had a few gaps. But the good news is, we’ve come out of our tryptophan-educed comas and are prepared to start strong… again. If you happened to gorge yourself on turkey with all the trimmings, like we did, and missed what we’ve been doing, never fear. Here we go.

On the fifteenth, I wrote in riddles. It’s something I like to do from time to time. It helps keep me sharp. On the sixteenth, Gage felt it necessary to set the record straight. At least this time he got a response.

On the seventeenth, we hosted a forum. The idea came from our good friend and guest contributor, Ori, who told a funny story about a dresser full of keepsakes. On the eighteenth, we learned a unique type of poetry form. We challenged some of our students to write a few poems and posted the best ones, competition style.

On the nineteenth, I was reminded of an old encounter by watching a similar encounter while riding the train. I’m always amused by the things I see on the MBTA. It never fails to surprise me.

Fast forward to the 22nd. Gage related a game he and his girlfriend made up. We suggest you try it and leave the words you came up with in the comment section. The following day, I wrote about one of my students who sent me a request for help rather late. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping, but come on!

The 24th was a “get away day” meaning that both Gage and I were more concerned about getting to the places where we’d be spending Thanksgiving than writing a post. It happens from time to time. Gage posted an older piece.

There you have it, dear readers, Let’s do it again next week!