Yesterday, in an effort to take our minds off the cold wind during our walk through the Fenway, my girlfriend and I came up with a fun word game:

The players take turns working their way through the alphabet, coming up with words that start with each letter.  The first word is a noun, the second is a verb, the third is an adjective, and then you just repeat the cycle.  It’s not a competitive game with scoring or anything, but it’s fun to try to come up with little-used pieces of your vocabulary, and to see what your partner will come up with.

We had a little trouble when we got down to the X and Z letters, so we came up with an optional rule: for rounds that use those letters, you can just come up with a word that includes an X or a Z — it doesn’t have to start with that letter.

Some notables from yesterday’s game:

Ubiquitous.  Elegy.  Omniscient.  Plesiosaurus.

Try it for yourselves, and post your best words in the comments section.