Today, in our training session, we learned about cinquains.

A cinquain is a simple kind of poem–like a haiku but easier.  The format, for those interested in quaining some of their own cinqs, is as follows:

  • First Line: 1 noun or noun phrase
  • Second Line: 2 adjectives that describe the noun
  • Third Line: 3 words describing the noun’s action
  • Fourth Line: 4 words expressing feelings you have about the noun
  • Fifth Line: 1 word that is a simile for the noun from line 1.

We put our new poetry knowledge to use by holding an informal contest.  Each of the students that visited the writing center today wrote a cinquain, and we at Phreelance Writers voted for our top five favorite poems, which have been reproduced below.


Satisfying, exciting

Restores, relaxes, rejuvenates

Flirtatious, seductive, attractive, elusive

Enigma. ——- Patrice



Public Speaker, Explorer

creative, relieving, expressing

sadness, anger, love, confusing

songster ——— Prisca



Loquacious, Stubborn

Fights, Scream, #28 bus

Uneducated, Rude, Ghetto, Filthy

Mattapan girls ——– Deje



Prideful, Historic

Constructs, Learns, Grows

Suffering, Pursuit, Fight, Savvy

Beantown ——— Stephen