I’ve recently applied to a job that I desire very much. It’s the first job in a while that I feel like I want to do and am also perfectly qualified for.  But I think at this point it’s safe to say that I can’t get the gig.  Here’s how the story has played out so far.

1.)   I applied to the job about two months ago with a very excellent application and cover letter.

2.)   Silence on the other end for two months.

3.)   I applied again by updating my cover letter and application.

4.)   Silence for a week.

5.)   I called the company and got lost in their switchboard maze.

6.)   I emailed them.

7.)   I snuck an email in through the website tech support request form.

8.)   They wrote back with a short email that included the following gem:

“We are reviewing applications for this position and will be in touch with candidates we are interested in having a phone interview with.  I should let you know that there is a strong candidate who has done work for us previously.  We appreciate your time spent on the application process and good luck with your search!”


But seriously.  If you’ve got some great writer you want to hire more than anyone else, why have you had this posting up for three months and not hired this person yet?  And did you not read the part in my cover letter that told you that I’m better for this job than anyone you can possibly think of?  Could someone, just for once, take a risk and actually hire someone who applied for the job?

I’m glad they appreciated my time, but I sure wish they could appreciate it by letting me spend time working for them.

I feel like I’m stuck in a poker game with a bunch of cheaters.  I ante up every round, and I play through to the end only to find out there are more aces in the deck than there should be.  These guys are pulling from their own private decks, and I’m running out of chips.

I’m getting sick of it.