What it do, good readers! We’re back from our mini vacation and fired up for another run. We took some time off, recharged the batteries, got into adventures and trouble, and now, we’re back to do what we do best. Fresh content all day, every day. What now? You were on vacation too? No worries, here’s what you missed.

On Monday, you missed nothing because we didn’t write anything. But you know how that goes. First day back from vacation, there is a bit of a letdown in terms of motivation. Happens to the best of us. On Tuesday, we got back on the ball and I wrote something witty, or rather, about wit. We, Phreelance Writers, have it. Show some respect.

Wednesday gave Gage the opportunity to comment on National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. His take on the event is spot on. I was an example in the post and he was right. Thursday was a holiday. We love any excuse to not write, but we also want to take a moment to thank the men and women who serve our country now and served our country in the past.

On Friday I discussed my motivation (or possible lack thereof) via my current lackluster job search. Contentment can be a trap! Don’t fall for it. Saturday allowed Gage to continue our new segment of reader’s requests for fiction and personal essays. Gage is a good person, if you didn’t know read the story. Then read it again.

That’s how it went down this past week. More hotness next week, like we always do.