Salutations, dear readers. As you may have realized, we fell short of our “new content every day” policy. But, we’ve promised to make it up to you with some great music from Gage’s band. Until those tracks are mastered, please be satisfied with a double dose of recap action. Here we go!

Monday the 11th was a holiday, Columbus Day to be exact. We’ve come to realize, around these parts that Columbus Day is a bit of an infamous holiday. We try not to delve into politics too much. We just appreciate taking a day off. On the 12th, I recounted something bittersweet. I’m working on getting back there.

Nick Davidson stepped up on the 13th and hand wrote a post… Then emailed it to us. We’re glad to have him as a contributing writer. Look out for more of his stuff. On the 14th, Gage spoke about an important part of the writing process. We hope our students pay attention!

On the 18th, we initially asked you to excuse us. We messed up, we’re sorry. We hope you enjoyed the poetry. On the 19th, I talked about a particular challenge I’m facing. I’m all for it. Please stay tuned for my eventual boasting.

The next day, a Wednesday, Gage recounted an amusing anecdote. If you’re going to sell us, you have to know your sales pitch. Barbara Ohrstrom stepped up on Thursday and dropped knowledge on us. She has years of experience and it’s obvious.

Friday gave me the chance to talk about something I’ve seen on the train. It’s a bit strange, I know, but it really happens. On Saturday, Gage continued our reader’s choice request. He says he’s not creative in this sense. I don’t believe him!

Now that you’re caught up, some new business. We’re approaching our 100th post. We feel like that’s kind of a big deal. We’d love for you, dear readers, to send us comments saying which posts you like the most. We’re compiling a list for a celebratory event.