Dear, dear readers,

We apologize for letting you all down this weekend.  We’re usually very strict about meeting our self-imposed deadlines for posting new content to the blog, but this weekend sort of got away from us.  Things came up, and, combined with a sudden onset of laziness, we were unable to publish words for you all to read.

To make up for this, we’ve decided to offer a consolation.  Over the weekend, Gage’s band cut three new tracks at Mixed Emotions Studio just north of Boston.  Get excited: we’ll be posting them on the blog for you to take a listen. They’re currently being mastered, but should be ready for your sonic pleasure within a day (and maybe night).  We know we’ve let you all down this past weekend, but seriously, these tracks are hot.  We’re quite sure they’ll make up for our lapse in motivation. For now, enjoy some poetry from Dash who readily admits he is not a poet.


Typing, keystrokes, letters fly

Composed, ordered, raised high

Meaning found or placed

Total structure metaphor-laced.

Ideas, thoughts jumbled up

Written down, spilled from my cup.

Highlighted, underlined all around

Crap… need an allusion to the ground.

Pulled together, edited, cut

Read-over, felt in the gut.

It’s tough, no doubt, it’s a fight.

But I do it, I love it, I write.