Another solid week for Phreelance Writers.  Usually you’d hear from Dash about what we’ve accomplished over the past six days, but he’s away for the day, so you’ve got me.

Last weekend, Dash and I encountered a poem that made us think, and I wrote about it on Monday.  Maybe we’re really not as secure as we think we are in our writing skills?  On Tuesday, Dash analyzed the latest from Boston Public School trenches.  It turns out that the school system realized that they needed more funding to make the ESL programs better suited to the students. Dash and I are keeping our fingers crossed that something good will come of this.

Wednesday saw the return of our new “forum” style post.  (We’re quite fond of it).  We brought up the idea of self-plagiarism, and questioned the meaning and ethics of it.  We had quite a few thoughts from our readers, but it’s never too late to weigh in!  On Thursday, Dash got to brag about his teaching skills.  He’s spent half a decade honing them, and there are a few teachable moments when he really gets it right.

On Friday, a good friend of the blog was laid off from his job of over a year.  If you’ve followed Phreelance Writers for any length of time, you’ll know that we don’t take this sort of thing lightly.  Someone has to stand up for the well-qualified, unemployed, underpaid victims of the job market.  That’s us.

Usually Saturday is our chance to talk smack to a couple bogus job posts, but we’ve opened our blog-waves and heard from our readers that you’d like to see some fiction on the weekend.  So, Dash gave you a few creative words.  Let us know if it’s working, and we’ll keep the creative writing coming.  Stay tuned for next week–we’ve got some great ideas already.