Last week we opened the blog to you, dear readers, and asked what you wanted to see more of in this space. We are pleased to say that you outdid yourselves in your responses and ideas. Starting from this week forward, Gage and I will take some of those ideas and create posts. Today’s post will be fiction, enjoy.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following fiction contains adult themes]

The truck sped along the road, headed home. Jesse was feeling pretty good, the truck had just been tuned up and sounded great and Missy was finally being quite for once. Life was good. Missy looked at Jesse and saw that he had the trace of a smile on his face. She was afraid to ruin his good mood.

“Jesse, baby… I… Uh… I got something to tell you.” Jesse’s brow creased slightly, he didn’t like the interruption but he was in too good a mood to let it be spoiled.

“What is it Sweetheart?” He replied.

“Baby, do you remember that argument we had three weeks ago? Y-you know, over the rent?” Jesse signed heavily and she felt the tension in the car increase. She continued before he could respond.

“Y-you remember what happened after that, right?” Jesse relaxed, they had had make up sex. It had been great.

“Sure do, Sweetheart. We can always do that more…”

“Well baby I’m late.” Missy said.

“Late?” Jesse didn’t follow.

“M-my period, Baby, it’s two weeks late, and Baby, I love you so much and I know we’re not ready but I really want one and…” The words rushed out before she could stop them. She wanted to say so much but Jesse cut her off.

“You’re pregnant! What are we gonna do? We barely made rent last month, we can’t afford a child! How could you do this me!” Jesse screamed.

“Baby, I’m sorry we’ll have to make some adjustments is all. We can manage.” She pleaded.

Jesse would have none of it.

“No!” He yelled. “You know I have dreams of running a detailing shop. How can I get there with you being pregnant?” You’re trying to ruin my life!” Jesse was furious. He couldn’t believe that she would go and get herself pregnant. Missy had heard enough.

“Ruined you life?” She yelled back. “I’m pregnant! I turn to you for support and you give me this? How dare you after all the money my father gave you for your detailing shop and what do you have to show? Nothing! Screw you, Jesse, I want this child and I’m having it without you if I have to! Let me out!”

Jesse pulled the truck over sharply and Missy hoped out and slammed the door forcefully. She stalked off up the road intent on walking the rest of the way home. Jesse watched her walk and then slammed his head back against the headrest. Another car passed on the road.