Hello, dear readers, welcome to October! Sometimes, writing is an exhilarating experience. Words and witty turns of phrase flow from your brain to your fingertips and on the the page with the ease. Other times, it’s a torturous process that you must force yourself through. Today’s post is an exercise in the latter. No fear friends, we’ll push through. It’s what we do. We’re Phreelance Writers. Here we go!

On Monday I talked about writing my first recommendation. It was an interesting experience, one I’d like to repeat but not until I’m more established in my career. Gage produced some creative writing on Tuesday. He may have a future in historical fiction!

On Wednesday, we hosted another forum. We still want to hear other people’s thoughts on the topic. It’s something that concerns us all, writer or otherwise. Gage took some time to congratulate the US Senate on Thursday. Maybe the name of the act is weak, but it will make information more accessible and that’s never a bad thing.

Friday’s post was a bit of a continuation from an earlier post I did. We sometimes forget, in the midst of complaining about job hunting that some of the fear is the new job itself. Thank you all for the encouraging words!

On Saturday, Gage and I took some time to address you guys and get your opinion about what content should be on the blog. We feel like this is a good thing since we want you to keep reading the blog and also tell all your friends about it. We’ll probably make it a regular thing, like having a suggestions box in the break room.

We’re aware of some of the backlash against these types of posts, but we do them so that our readers who don’t check the site daily can still receive a week’s worth of content and stay caught up. We appreciate you bearing with us.