There has been a recent development in my ongoing search for employment in Texas. One of the freelancing gigs I applied to, contacted me and has requested that I do some writing for them. I’m thrilled to be employed, if only contractually, and I’m looking forward to receiving assignments via my email as they work me in as one of their writers. However, the prospect of writing for a living is now a reality.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic or make this gig sound like it’s life or death, it isn’t. But it does signify a significant change in the type of writing I’ve been doing in the past months. This blog, and my other one, represent me as a writer “off the books.” I write for these sites because I enjoy writing and talking about writing. Neither of them pay, yet. But this job…

This is real in the sense that someone will judge my writing and then compensate me based on my writing being of a satisfactory nature. This gig is game time, it’s the real deal. I can call myself a writer without that sarcastic smile or wink that means “I’m a writer, but I’m really unemployed,” or “I’m a teacher who writes in his spare time.” There is a tangible difference.

I know I’ve talked about the “daunting aspects” of this job offer and they still remain. However, what I like is that I know I’m ready. Writing for this blog and my personal blog have prepared me. I’m still sharp, I still know how to quickly craft sentences and work under deadline pressure. I can do this job and do it well.

I’m looking forward to my first assignment. I’m excited to prove to my new employer that calling me was a good decision and that when I get to Texas, they’re going to want to keep me on their staff as more than just a “freelance writer.”