It was quite the week here at Phreelance Writers. In fact, I think it’s safe to say this is our best week of content to date. Gage and I suspect that it is only a matter of time before Word Press notices the awesome that is Phreelance Writers and we are “fresh pressed.” In case your week was taken up by trying to understand Christine O’Donnell’s position on evolution, or figuring out which Comedy Central political rally you plan to attend here is the recap of what was, on Phreelance Writers.

On Monday, Gage and I introduced a new type of post. We call it the forum. In these forums we will discuss a particular subject from the various topics we write about the most. We will then invite our guest contributors and friends to weigh in on the subject. We hope they will spark conversation. This week, spacing after a period. Much thanks to those who stopped by and left their opinions in the comment space.

On Tuesday, I couldn’t come up with a topic, so I wrote about it. From time to time we like to go “meta” on the blog to see if you’re all paying attention. Wednesday allowed Gage to, in a sense, expound upon, and thereby ridicule, the form within which academics utilize verbose sentence structure. Confused? Read about it!

By Thursday, my frustration with a particular assignment I was seeing at my job had mounted to the point of eruption. I’ll reiterate, teachers, don’t make tutoring harder than it already is. On Friday, Gage left on a trip. He blogged his journey until his computer died. I haven’t heard from him since…

Saturday brought forth your regular installment of Come on! We have been accused of becoming jaded while searching for employment. I cannot deny that the process does alter one’s outlook, but we try to temper this by giving props to job posts that do a good job of relaying information. We just hope those jobs read our applications, right Gage? Gage?