A day like this was bound to happen. It happens to all writers at all levels. Sometimes, you just can’t think of anything to write. The last time this happened on the blog, Gage came up with a creative way to get the post done. In the spirit of eschewing plagiarism, I won’t do the same. It’s interesting: more often than not, my writing process eventually kicks in generates an idea. After that, it’s just a matter of following the natural progression of my idea to a fully formed blog entry.

Not so, in this case. I struggled against the emptiness, both in my mind, and on my computer screen. The blinking cursor taunting me to create. I willed myself to think of an idea.What aspect of writing could I discuss? What subtle trick of grammar could I highlight as a “little thing” that puts a smile on my face as a writer?


I tried harvesting my friends for ideas. This is when you ask someone a question and listen carefully to their answer in hopes of it sparking something in you that could be a subject of a post. No such luck. I contemplated going to my backlog of previous written content and pulling something out. It’s kind of feels like cheating, but sometimes you’ve already written something that fits well. It was a gamble at best, and it came up empty.

The blinking cursor now cajoles me to create. It almost begs to move across the screen leaving words and punctuation in its wake. I try to oblige, but all that comes out is bland and tepid. It feels like a useless effort. So, here I sit now, contemplating how I was unable to come up with a decent topic for a blog post. I’ve tried and failed. I’m sorry.