It’s been another good week for Phreelance Writers. Our fall gig has started, the kiddies we worked with over the summer missed us and we’re back to teaching people all those cool techniques we employ as writers. This past week was dedicated (I wish I could say on purpose) to the job of teaching writing and how we view it. If you missed it, peep the goodness now!

I got us started on Monday, lamenting about my status as an “independent contractor.” I’ll repeat for your benefit, I’m not lazy, I just want someone else to do the work for me. Gage broke down the difference between writing and math on Tuesday. We at Phreelance Writers recognize the power and usefulness of math, but let’s refrain from calling it the best/only way to communicate across cultures.

On Wednesday, our resident political expert and advocate in the truest sense, Barbara Ohrstrom, contributed a stirring account of what it took to get me and Gage jobs. She also spoke about negative changes in the job market. Even though she won several victories on our behalf, she still feels as though we are being unfairly treated.

On Thursday, Gage and I combined our powers to make a top ten list. We both appreciate the time we spent in secondary education, but there are several things we won’t miss! On Friday, I wrote some thoughts about an assignment I had in one of my graduate classes. At the time I didn’t see the merit of it, but now I think it’s something all writers should do.

Saturday brought you the standard slaying of idiotic job posts. With all the searching and groveling that is a requirement of the job application process, it’s nice to turn the table and blast these posts from time to time.

Now, you’re all caught up. Come back tomorrow when Gage and I start the whole process over again.