It was another good week of posts for Phreelance Writers and if you’re a regular (thank you), you know what time it is. If you’re new, excellent timing. This is the recap to remind you of what went down this week. Let’s get it in!

Monday was a holiday and you don’t work on holidays. Neither did we. We hope it was not a “boondoggle” to visit the site that day. On Tuesday, Gage expressed concern about choosing the right career path. I think he did, what do you think?

On Wednesday, I spoke about a journalistic skill that I never thought I’d have to use.  It’s still sad. Gage changed gears on Thursday and griped about job applications, of the online sort. We may sound like a broken record on this one, but they suck so much!

On Thursday evening, I was offered a job in Texas. The offer led to Friday’s post about the prospect of job offers and what the opportunity means to me. On Saturday Gage and I laid waste to idiotic job posts. We do it every Saturday, so if you come across stupid job posts, let us know. We’ll put them on blast.

That’s your week. We’re back to tutoring starting tomorrow but we’ll keep the good words coming, like any self-respecting phreelance writer.