We’ve ranted about it before, but I’ll do it again.  Online job applications are never good.  Here’s why.

1.) They take too long. In fact, I’ve been working on one for the past six hours.  It will probably take me the length of a full work day, and I will have been paid NOTHING.  That upsets me.

2.)  They are picky.  This most recent application process instructed me to post my resume as a .doc file, not as a PDF.  They said it was because they needed to be able to “search” the document, and PDF doesn’t support the kind of search functions they need to use.  It seems logical, until you think about why they’d need to do a “Command + F” search of my resume in the first place.  Do you really need to be able to find keywords in a ONE PAGE DOCUMENT?  Can’t you just read it?  It’s taken me years to put that sucker together.  I’d hope you could at least spend thirty seconds of your day honoring that.

3.) They are redundant.  I posted my resume on the application.  I also have to recreate it in their online format, complete with dates, addresses, job titles, duties, the whole nine.  Zip codes take forever to write, because they’re numbers with no logic.  Addresses, too.  I feel a little insulted by the process: I know how to make a resume, and I’ve posted a great one on your site.  In fact, it’s one page of concise greatness tailored to your busy work schedule.  You don’t need to walk me through another one just to make sure I include everything.  Trust me, it’s all there.

4.) They are all effort and no payoff.  In my experience, these job applications take forever and go nowhere.  The most you’ll really get in recognition is the auto-email after you finally submit it:  Thank you for your application to our company.  We have received your application and are currently in the process of reviewing your materials.  If we decide that your credentials meet our specifications, we will blah blah blah blah blah blah thank you.  Please do not reply to this email.

Sometimes I’m tempted to respond just to spite them.