It’s that time again. Kids are trying to squeeze the last few days out of summer. People are moving in and out of apartments. Stores are running Labor Day sales. It’s back to school time… and time for your weekly recap of Phreelance Writers.

On Monday, I ranted about the lack of professionalism in our industry. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a shred of decency. On Tuesday, Gage waxed poetic about writing and ninjas. Gage is no Keats, but his point is well made.

Look down, then back up. It’s September!

On Wednesday, I did a compilation of amusing things I’ve overheard. Writers are always listening. Give us some good content, OK? Gage explained the economy on Thursday, or rather, what some economic buzz words mean to him. Bottom line, we need to get paid more!

Friday was an interesting day. Our initial plan for the day’s entry fell through so we had to scramble to get something posted. I thought it relevant to talk about deadlines. From time to time, it’s fun to go meta on the blog. Saturday treated you to a second tag-team Come on! If we keep this up it’ll turn into a streak.

Stop in next week for more of the phreshest phresherest content. You know you want to!