Air Force Writer/Editor

Perks? Salary isn’t terrible, and maybe I’d get to ride in a fighter jet a couple of times.  That’s about it.  What upsets me about this post is the range of skills and duties they expect me to perform for fifty thousand dollars a year.  Let me get this straight: you want me to switch between being a journalist, a features writer, a PR copy writer, a technical writer, a speech writer, and an editor for all of the above?  For 50K?  I mean, any salary looks nice on paper, but I would sure be expecting a significant raise pretty quickly if I’m writing and editing every single thing your county needs.  Come on!

Navy Editorial Assistant

While the Air Force seemed to be asking way too much, the Navy here is doing quite the opposite.  Really, they just want someone who can proofread content and make sure it’s not completely riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.  They say “editorial assistant,” but in the end it’s just a glorified spellchecker.  If it weren’t for all the security clearances required, I’d be bored out of my mind at this job.  Key requirements: US Citizenship.  That’s it.  I guess if you’re good at writing it’s just an added bonus.  The promise of high level top secret info about the operations of Navy aircraft is intriguing–but not intriguing enough to justify the pittance 30K salary.  Come on!


This job is a little misleading, but might be worth it for the union salary boost. I have two issues. 1) if I type in “journalism” in “Boston, MA” into a job search engine this shouldn’t be one of the jobs listed on the first page of the search. What kind of tags were placed on this post? If it the website did it, fire the content specialist, they’re cheating and are clearly on the payroll of WGBH. You shouldn’t get that kind of traction without being one of the featured jobs, and we all know those companies pay more to be a featured job, If someone in WGBH put those tags on the post, still fire the the website content specialist because they’re asleep at the wheel. I’m looking for journalism jobs, not administrative jobs.

2) WGBH is using dirty tactics by adding a blurb at the end about writing and copy-editing.  Anyone who reads this ad knows the highest amount of writing or copy-editing done in this position will be proofreading memos. Come on!

Internet Content Specialist

This job post is why no one who is serious about finding a writing gig uses I know their search engine is supposed to be one of the best because it cross-references your search terms and refreshes and updates its database everyday. But why is an IT job coming up under  the Media-Writing-Journalism search parameters? Look at what they wrote under “Job Description” first: ***This is a technical position. Writer or Editors need not apply.***

I won’t rip them for the grammatical error, they’re not writer(s). However, don’t put media-writing-journalism tags on an IT post. Why are you doing that? To boost the amount of “eyeballs” your post gets? How does it help you to get a bunch of pet enthusiast writers, who you aren’t looking to hire, looking at your post? Come on!