Last week Gage talked about job search depression and how that can bring you down. That is only one of the issues with job hunting. I’ve recently experienced other aspects of job searching that can shred your confidence. Allow me to elaborate.

Last weekend I was in Dallas for a job interview. One of the three jobs that I’ve mentioned before contacted me for an interview. I flew down for said interview, and it went well. About a four days later they called me to inform me that they would not hire me but opted for an undergrad. Their reasoning? They could pay an undergrad, with a BA, less.

My master’s degree precluded me from getting a job.

What the F@%K!!

I thought the year and half I spent learning AP style and writing fake obituaries and accident stories was so that I would become more appealing to hiring managers, not let less. And furthermore, hiring manager, you received my application, you knew I had a master’s and you knew I would cost more. Why the F%@K would you ask me to interview if you were just going to hire the undergrad?

I feel like this situation could have been better handled. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any excuse to see my girlfriend and the trip wasn’t a total bust because I landed a second interview at another place. But it strikes me as odd that the company would string me along, including an in-person interview, just to not hire me.

This is just one issue I’ve run into. The other plays off of receiving an email about nothing. After sending a job a cover letter, resume, clips and references I heard nothing back from them. Typical. But I refused to be ignored, so a month after sending in my application I emailed the job back looking to follow up and remind them of my expressed interest. A month later, this is the email I received in return.

Thanks for your e-mail. We have filled the internship position. Best of luck in your job search.

[Insert exasperated sigh] I guess it’s just standard operating procedure withing the journalism industry to be a douche. Clearly they filled the position a month ago and did not plan on informing anyone of their decision. Is it too much to ask for a modicum of professionalism? Email me back, don’t leave me hanging.

At one point, I vowed that when I was in a position to hire someone I would make them jump through the same hoops I did, but suddenly that seems cheap and petty. If I ever get so comfortable that I forget what it’s like to struggle with finding a job I give Gage permission to slap me!