We sorta dropped the ball. Usually, you get a recap of the week’s posts each Sunday, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the recap didn’t happen last week. We’re sorry. I’d like to say it won’t happen again but that might be a lie. However, we’ll make it up to you with awesome content each week and a double recap right now. Let’s get it in!

On the 16th, Gage put all teachers on notice for the coming school year. Make sure your grading system isn’t damaging to your students. Sage advice. On the 17th, I wrote a post about absurd writing conditions, under absurd writing conditions. My foot still hurts…

That Wednesday, Gage let us know what his favorite words are. It’s a rare pleasure to take words and twist their meaning and have someone else comprehend the new meaning you’ve created. We want to know what your favorite words are, so leave them in the comments. Taking inspiration from Gage, on the 19th I wrote about language and how it can bring us together or keep us apart.

On the 20th, Gage told tales of the mythic salary raise. Apparently, when you work for a company and do a good job they reward you by paying you more. I still don’t believe it.

Over the weekend, I had a job interview that went so well that a full-time job may be in my near future. The experience threw me for a loop and inspired my post on Tuesday. I’m still getting used to the feeling of being wanted. On Wednesday, guest contributor, Dennis Drogseth shared a poem about writers. I like jokes, but this one, not so much!

On the 26th, Gage found a turtle and a metaphor. Both were awesome. Gage is still trying to think of names for the turtle so send your suggestions along in comments. Shout outs and props will be given to the one who has the best name. On Friday, Ori Fienberg, of O.J. Confesses, had several things to declare. I still can’t believe that I’m in the same tax bracket as a sperm donor.

On Saturday, Gage and I combined, for only the second time, to produce a Come on! of epic proportions. We need to do more Captain Planet type team-ups. Now you’re all caught up. No excuses.