Oh snap! Dash is back… sort of. I’m still making my way home but I’m happy to report that I am back on solid land where the internet is free and flows like a stream. This past week, in my absence, Gage relied on the bench to generate content and like the “Nate Robinsons” they are, they came through in the clutch. If you missed it, no worries. Read on!

Gage started the week by flipping the script and dropping some choose-your-own-ending nonfiction with the help of Ori “The Razor” Fienberg and Barbara Ohrstrom. We’re still taking submissions for endings to that story so feel free post an ending in the comments. On Tuesday I posted from long range about different writing styles around the world.

Barbara came back on Wednesday to lament the new and (un)improved job application process. I never got to do it that way, but it sounds infinitely better than the (im)personal emails I send that never get a response. On Thursday, Gage called his own number and scored with funny ways the English language is often garbled.

After that, Gage was “in the zone”. Everyone knows you give the ball to the guy in the zone. On Friday he went hard against literature courses and finished off the week with a brilliant “Come On!” Sometimes you have to highlight the good ones because they are so few and far in between.

I’m back on the grind for Monday. I’m looking forward to an American cheeseburger and a week of the phreshest blog posts brought to you by Gage and yours truly. Vacation’s over.