Disaster Recovery Writer/Business Continuity Writer–HSEEP

What?  The $45/hour looks real nice, but the rest of this post is obviously not geared towards an applicant like me.  The vague nature of the job post might be a strategy to weed out the weak and inferior, but even to a person with experience in this field this would seem like watered-down jargon.  From what I can gather, this looks like a job where I’d have to document the company’s response to some kind of chemical or virus problem.  Homeland Security is involved to some degree.  The word “Disaster” is in the job title.  I’d be the guy that Jack Bauer tortures to get the location of the bombs and the names of the enemies.  I’m scared.  Come on…

Editor– Kids Talk Radio

Come On posts are usually reserved for detailing the lousy ones that Rick and I find on our weekly forages through the job-o-sphere.  But this deserves some mention for how awesome it looks.  This is what I live for right here: teaching kids how to become better journalists and getting the chance to write for the radio at the same time. The only problem with the job is that it’s a telecommute position until you get pulled on board for the full time gig.  Which I inevitably would, because I’m a rock star writer and teacher.  Then I’d get to move into their office in Long Beach and surf every day.  Come on people.  I’m applying right now.