Yet another successful week for our Phreelance Writers.  These summaries are usually Dash’s territory, but since he’s away and with very limited blog access, you’re stuck with me.

Dash started us off by putting his creative writing skills to work on a riddle-esque extended metaphor about jobs.  It turns out that applying for jobs is really a job in itself.  I talked for a while about how difficult it is to share our writing, and tried to show a few reasons why.

Normally on Wednesday we would have heard from one of our guest writers, but they were either on vacation or too busy to write, which we respect, but give a stern nod to. This left the day up to Dash, and he thought for a moment he might be out of ideas.  Instead, Dash faced off against a blinking cursor and a blank word document and won decisively with a column about the writing process.  I followed that with some ranting about the portrayal of writing on the show Sex and the City.  In retrospect I probably alienated many readers, for which I apologize.  ‘Twas all in good fun.

Dash left for vacation on Friday but put up some words in the airport.  He’s frustrated by the seemingly insurmountable problem of applying to jobs in a state that he doesn’t live in.  As if local job applications weren’t frustrating enough.  We also continued our weekly post “Come On!” in which we expose ridiculous job postings for the jokes that they are.  If you haven’t checked this week’s Phreelance content out yet, do so now!  And stay tuned for next week’s words — we’re really just getting warmed up.