Welcome to our second edition of “Come On!” where we look at ridiculous job posts and expose their ridiculousness.

Fantasy Football Writer

Wow!  I want to be a fantasy football writer.  Wouldn’t that be great, to work from home writing about fake football?  Salary?  Oh good lord.  $100 for the season?  Writing content on a daily basis?  What is that, like $1 a day, at best?  That’s not a salary, that’s just a trick to make you feel like it’s almost a job.  You’re working for free.  You could make more money selling lemonade from a raft in the Everglades. Come on!

Childrens Hospital Writer

This job looks alright.  Except for the fact that it’s located in Antelope Valley, which makes me think there are more gazelles than there are children.  And except for the fact that the pay is listed as “highly competitive” which means they can find someone desperate for a job and pay them in pennies.  There’s also the issue of professionalism.  Here’s one of the job requirements:

–Must be a highly organized self-starter and team player and be able to demonstrate high level of customer service and interact porfessionally at all levels of the organization.

Is it just me, or is it a little ironic to misspell “professional?”  Come on!