Welcome to August! Oh snap, Phreelance Writers has an archive. This is your weekly rundown of what was, on Phreelance Writers. Once again Dez of Bittersweet Emotion loaned her talents. We  owe her much beer and cigarettes.  Here’s how it went:

Gage hates grammar. That’s an example of an independent clause. He’s mastered that much. Gage goes on to explain how he is able to write (well) without knowing a lick of grammar. On Tuesday I talked about interviewing. Not the fun kind where you get to ask all the questions, but the other type that we freelance writers hope for.

After the fabled interview, one is supposed to send a thank you card. On Wednesday, Gage told horror stories about thank you cards and the cycle of abuse they create. By Thursday, I was ready to gripe about job websites. I guess you need them… I still don’t buy it!

Friday saw the return of Dez. A little less vitriol this time, but still frustrated with not having a job. Though, as the most passable black person in the country, it’s easy to understand her ire with affirmative action. On Saturday, Gage and I began a new type of post, named “Come On!” We’ve searched thousands of job posts between the two of us and there are some great ones. There are also some terrible ones. We’ll find the worst of them, put them here to amuse all of us.

Keep coming back for more notions on writing, journalism, guest contributors and the occasional complaint about the state of our industry.