Last week was the first full week of Phreelance Writers, we impressed ourselves by being able to come up with a weeks worth of posts. Many thanks to Dez of Bittersweet Emotion for her midweek contribution. Here’s a quick recap, in case you missed it.

On Monday, I talked about how not having a job may make me single. It still might. On Tuesday Gage talked about the pitfalls of being a journalist. No one wants to be “that” guy, including journalists, despite out best efforts.  Dez broke up the monotony on Wednesday explaining why she’s been ignoring your job posts, hiring managers. Do well to heed her!

Thursday allowed me to talk about the various “top cities” lists that crop up on job and financial sites. They are so full of promise, but who really wants to move to Wausau, Wisconsin? On Friday, Gage explained the audacity of certain internships. I spent some time Saturday explaining how  the lack of jobs in the journalism industry has forced me to work elsewhere.

It’s been a good week. Check back tomorrow for a new week of fresh content from me and Gage and whichever of our “freelance writer” friends want to say a few words.