I’ve realized that not having a job is affecting more than just my self-esteem and ability to pay my student loans. It’s also actively destroying my relationship with my girlfriend. At first I thought it was just me, but it turns out the longer I go without a job, the more likely I am to become single. Let me explain.

I met my girlfriend in grad school. She is a southern belle, Texas style and awesome. After we graduated from our program she returned home to Dallas because she missed the warmer weather and wanted to be closer to her family. I respect that and having family in Dallas myself, a move there suited me perfectly. However, I once rushed into a co-habitation situation when I was younger and it ended disastrously. I really like this girl and I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Here’s the rub. I told her I would move to Dallas, but I didn’t want to move without a job waiting for me. To that end, I focused my job search to the Dallas-Fort Worth area so that I would be close to her and the house she was setting up. Enter three job opportunities all in Dallas, all of which are right in my wheelhouse. We’ll call these three jobs, the “Dream Job,” the “Foot-in-the-door Job” and the “I have a Job.”

Now, the Dream Job required me to apply through a corporate website instead of sending my information to a human being. I received an automated response the moment my application was “submitted” and have heard nothing from them since. I sent an email with my cover letter, resume and clips to the Foot-in-the-door Job. I received an “out of office” response email and then a week later an actual email from the hiring editor. I’ve been in contact with the I have a Job for a few months and they have been promising to bring me on as long as I remain patient and give them time.

I’m in a holding pattern with all of these jobs. I’m waiting for the Dream Job and the Foot-in-the-door to contact me for an interview and I’m waiting for some type of hiring signal from I have a Job. While I wait, my girlfriend gets restless and wonders, aloud and to me, when I’m coming to Dallas. If the “I miss you” text messages weren’t enough from time to time, her friends in Dallas, whom I’ve met, message me on Facebook telling me that “Dallas would be a whole lot cooler if I come” or asking me when I’m arriving.

I’m coming, I swear!

So, Dream Job, Foot-in-the-door Job and I have a Job, can you get back to me and let me know what’s up? At this point, any kind of contact, positive of negative will be appreciated. I’m sort of on the clock…